Cloudsoft AMP – An overview

A 1-day training course that will enable you to understand AMP, it’s benefits and positioning in the market 

Your successful Cloudsoft AMP (Application Management Platform) experience begins with a solid foundation led by the Cloudsoft team. 

Course description

Increase your understanding AMP and how its multi-cloud, application-centric provisioning and run-time management can benefit your organisation.

Learning objective

To understand Cloudsoft AMP’s capabilities, the business benefits of AMP and its position in the market.

Course outcomes

  • Able to talk confidently about the business benefits and key use cases of Cloudsoft AMP
  • Able to explain the concepts and process of application modeling, deployment and management.

Prerequisites for participants

  • Knowledge of application architectures, application deployment and monitoring
  • Linux OS (Bash) skills
  • A laptop (to be used to connect to a hosted development environment, AMP server and pool of compute nodes)

Course Program

  • Introduction to Cloudsoft

  • Introduction to AMP

  • Running your first blueprints

  • AMP concepts & benefits

  • Common use-cases

  • Position in the technology landscape