Cloudsoft AMP Operations 101

A 2-day training course that will enable you to run AMP and manage your enterprise applications  

Your successful Cloudsoft AMP (Application Management Platform) experience begins with a solid foundation and practical hands-on experience led by the Cloudsoft team.

Course description

  • Learn how to run, manage and monitor even the most complex global compute fabrics using AMP
  • Learn how to actively monitor your applications, use policies to self-manage services and understand at a detailed level what AMP and your applications are doing
  • This is hands-on classroom training and participants will complete Lab exercises of increasing complexity

Learning objective

To understand Cloudsoft AMP capabilities and be able to manage and monitor applications using AMP.

Course outcomes

  • Understand how to use the AMP web console to run, monitor and manage applications
  • Be able to drill-down into the low-level details using the console, log and configuration files
  • Control access to applications, services, locations using available authentication and authorization controls

Prerequisites for participants

  • Knowledge of application architectures, application deployment and monitoring
  • Linux OS (Bash) skills
  • A laptop (to be used to connect to a hosted development environment, AMP server and pool of compute nodes)

Course Program


Day One

  • Introduction to Cloudsoft

  • Introduction to AMP

  • Running AMP

  • Blueprint basics

Day Two

  • Monitoring & managing applications

  • Ways of interacting with AMP

  • Operating AMP – understanding and troubleshooting applications and entities using sensors, effectors, activity and AMP logs