Available Training Courses from Cloudsoft

Cloudsoft AMP Training Program

An overview of the training courses available from Cloudsoft

Cloudsoft AMP – An overview

This introductory session covers high level end-to-end capabilities for developers and (operators) administrators, and architects.

Cloudsoft AMP Operations 101

This training is designed for administrators (both Platform administrators and Tenant administrators). The training covers AMP governance features such as creating sub-tenants, user management, role-based access control and infrastructure management.

Cloudsoft AMP for Architects

This training is designed for architects and provides knowledge of the full range of concepts & capabilities of Cloudsoft AMP. It covers the AMP use cases such as: migrating applications to the cloud; managing cloud-native applications; self-service clouds and building a service catalog.

Cloudsoft AMP Blueprint Developer

This course covers YAML and Java Blueprint development in depth using a lot of hands-on exercises.

To inquire further about Cloudsoft training courses, email: training@cloudsoft.io