Solutions using Cloudsoft AMP

Cloudsoft AMP provides an end-to-end automation platform for the Internet of Things, unifying the many facets of IoT: Device, Data and Cloud.

Agility at Scale

Cloudsoft AMP provides development and deployment teams with a nimble and expressive platform for large-scale IoT deployments. Sensor data is central to IoT, fundamental to autonomics and lies at the heart of AMP automation; Collection, aggregation, evaluation and action are captured as code in each AMP Blueprint.

Automation Unified

Cloudsoft AMP uses standards-based, interoperable protocol for modeling, deploying and managing fleets of applications or devices. AMP is a control-plane that consolidates and simplifies command of widely distributed, and disparate, applications.

A Platform for Platforms

IoT platforms need to be built with flexibility and end-to-end control and automation in order to provide long-term value. Future-proof your IoT platform by including Cloudsoft AMP at its heart.

Cloudsoft AMP for IoT

  • Application Centric

    With Cloudsoft AMP you can design applications for non-stop operation without trivializing architecture or constraining your processes. Re-use existing components to increase velocity.
  • Cloud Agnostic

    Deploy to virtually any environment (bare metal, public, private and hybrid cloud, and container platforms) using Cloudsoft AMP.
  • Transparency

    Cloudsoft AMP gives a consistent management view of applications, simplifying operations across on-prem, hybrid cloud- with tools to model existing and new applications producing a live CMDB view.
  • Open Standards

    Cloudsoft AMP blueprints run on Apache Brooklyn which is based on the OASIS CAMP model. AMP is built upon a foundation of Open Source.
  • Closed Loop Automation

    Track every aspect of a system from deployment to decommissioning, giving insight for audit, troubleshooting, usage and SLAs. AMP configures, optimizes, heals and protects applications autonomically.

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