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TM Forum Live! 2016

TM Forum Live! 2016

Cloudsoft is once again delighted to be in Nice for TM Forum Live! Last year we participated in TMF’s Best New Catalyst Enabling the Smart City Digital Ecosystem.

This year we will present two Catalyst (POC) projects we are participating in: NFV Ecosystem Enabler: A well-enabled VNF package and Smart City: Service Level Management for Smart City Eco-systems & Trusted IoT.

Smart City: Service level management for smart city for eco-systems & trusted IOT

Champions: BT, Open University, NRECA

Participants: Cloudsoft, Infonova/BearingPoint, Huawei

This catalyst is about Smart Cities or communities with lots of data to process for the benefit of citizens. A primary concern is the security of this data and making it accessible in a consistent way in the long run.

The MK:Smart Data Hub ingests a wide range of IoT sensor data. The new data economy means that applications and businesses may well rely on the data being provided through the Data Hub. The team is looking at how to ensure the data platform is stable and reliable.

Together with other Catalyst participants and Champions BT and NRECA, Cloudsoft’s Aled Sage and Ross Gray from Cloudsoft will demonstrate how Cloudsoft AMP maintains the service levels for the data hub and applications:

  • High Availability of the Data Hub with automated provisioning and autonomic policies help deliver SLAs dynamically
  • Contention management – Ensuring high priority apps receive prime resource (co-located with the Data Hub) when necessary but also make co-located infrastructure available to other apps when available
  • Autoscaling of an application in response to an influx of traffic caused by a flood

To find out more, please visit the Catalyst booth or book an appointment here

If you can’t make it in person there is an introduction to the Catalyst and an article:

Catalyst Intro Video – Andreas Polz, BearingPoint

The data-driven smart city: Tackling the challenges by Sarah Wray

NFV Ecosystem Enabler: a well-enabled VNF package

Champions: AT&T, Orange, China Mobile

Participants: Huawei, IBM, Cloudsoft, Tr3dent

This catalyst provides the framework for network providers to adopt the emerging trend of virtualization within the telecommunications environment. As part of an end-to-end vision, Cloudsoft AMP facilitates VNF Onboarding, focused at the juncture between design and delivery of VNFs.

Currently this is a manual process and the catalyst provides a potential automated solution. Demonstrations bring this solution to life and include a dynamic, interactive 3D-model of Cloudsoft AMP in partnership with Tr3dent.

AMP will be shown in context with:

  • Integration with IBM UrbanCode via OASIS TOSCA
  • Cloudsoft AMP testing the VNF on OpenStack (specifically IBM Blue Box). This shows how the VNF could be tested on the customer’s own environment
  • Listing of the VNF in the AMP catalog for use by blueprint authors to compose applications either using VNF as part of larger app or service chaining NFV packages
  • Deploying the application to an OpenStack Multi-region environment built on IBM Blue Box

An example Ambulance application will demonstrate the power of autonomic computing at the heart of Cloudsoft AMP. The example app shows how AMP could be used to help manage the choice and routing of ambulances taking in Smart City sensors for ambulance positions, traffic map, mobile phone positioning data, etc. The dynamic visualization by Tr3dent of Cloudsoft AMP functionality via an API as a vivid buildings and control room brings autonomic computing to life.

To find out more, please visit the Catalyst booth or book an appointment here

If you can’t make it in person there is an introduction to the Catalyst here

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