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Hyperledger Scotland

Hyperledger Scotland

June 20th 18:00-20:00

As a longstanding member of the Hyperledger collaborative project, Cloudsoft is delighted to support the inaugural Hyperledger Scotland meetup which is being hosted by Codebase Edinburgh at 6PM on Tuesday June 20th. We are contributing two talks:

Talk #1: Introduction to Hyperledger

Duncan Johnston-Watt (CEO and Founder)

Blockchain technology has leapt to prominence in the past 18 months, notably with the establishment of the Hyperledger collaborative project hosted by the Linux Foundation. Cloudsoft is a long standing member of the Linux Foundation and an active participant in the Cloud Foundry Foundation and Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Cloudsoft joined Hyperledger as soon as they opened the doors to general membership in March 2016. We will provide an overview of this initiative and share our experience to date.

Talk #2: Hyperledger in Action: Deploying & Managing Global Blockchain Networks

Duncan Johnston-Watt (CEO and Founder) & Andrew Kennedy (Distributed Systems Hacker)

Cloudsoft is in the vanguard of hybrid cloud application management. In this talk we introduce the key autonomic concepts that underpin the top level Apache Brooklyn project. Cloudsoft originally contributed Brooklyn to the Apache community and it is the foundation for our Cloudsoft Application Management Platform (AMP). We highlight the importance of application management to the Hyperledger project and expand on our collaboration with both the Composer and Cello teams as we look to collectively simplify both the consumption and operation of Blockchain networks. Using AMP we close by demonstrating how we can model then rapidly deploy and manage a Hyperledger Fabric running on a combination of cloud resources spanning San Jose, London, and Tokyo creating a geographically distributed Blockchain network.


Later Event: June 22
Webinar with 451 & UShareSoft