Stop Press: Cloudsoft Container Service Update #1

Key cloud native infrastructure blueprints are now open source

Cloudsoft is pleased to announce a major contribution to the Clocker open source project.

As part of this contribution to Clocker, you can now use the Cloudsoft Container Service blueprints to create a Docker Swarm on your choice of cloud.  These blueprints are pure YAML, making it possible for developers to easily use them off the shelf or customize them as required.

Clocker also gains the ability to deploy Kubernetes clusters. Correctly standing up a Kubernetes environment with secure private networking has been one of the most difficult parts of Kubernetes.  By contributing Cloudsoft Kubernetes Blueprints to Clocker, it's now easier for engineers to get up and running with their choice of container environments.

“This shows Cloudsoft’s commitment both to open source and hybrid environments,” says Cloudsoft CTO Alex Heneveld.  “With container and platform technology evolving at such a fast rate, our users need a reliable way to evaluate and use these systems, without getting bogged down with install and debug, and crucially, without getting locked in.”

The blueprints are now available at for use with Apache Brooklyn or Cloudsoft AMP.

Support for deploying Apache Brooklyn blueprints into Kubernetes and Docker Swarm environments is also available currently as part of Cloudsoft AMP and planned for contribution to Apache Brooklyn once upstream pull requests have been merged and released.