Apache Brooklyn 0.10.0 released

As the release manager for the 0.10.0 release it's my pleasure to introduce you to the latest and greatest new features of Apache Brooklyn. A lot of hard work went into this release making it well worth the wait. Big thanks to our community for the effort, support and contributions to the project. Here are the highlights.

Improved reliability, security and memory usage

A list of fixes included in 0.10.0 is available in the Apache Jira.

OSGi compatibility

This is the first release to support running inside an OSGi environment. It complements the existing OSGi support which is running users' blueprints in an embedded container. Running everything as OSGi bundles gives users flexibility and freedom to depend on libraries of their own choice without concerns about conflicts and compatibility with other code running in the system.

Karaf distribution, preview release

Building on the OSGi support this release adds a preview build of a Karaf based distribution, packing all the Brooklyn dependencies. In future releases this is expected to become the primary means for using Apache Brooklyn with the current "monolithic" approach to be phased out.

CLI tool

The CLI tool saw some important updates, most notably the ability to import catalog files, referencing them by URL. The syntax for various commands has been streamlined and cleaned up.

DSL improvements

The DSL used in the CAMP YAML markup now covers more use-cases and makes old ones easier to express. Users can nest calls to `$brooklyn:entity` making it possible to parametrize those. `$brooklyn:object` has been enhanced to create objects using factory methods or complex constructors.

Reusing catalog items

The catalog markup now supports nesting catalog files, making it possible to split complex catalog items in separate files and referencing them from multiple places, improving code reuse.

Expanded test framework

The test framework continues the expansion pace from last release adding more useful test entities and improving old ones.

For more detailed overview of the new features refer to the Apache Brooklyn 0.10.0 release notes.

You can download Apache Brooklyn from the following download links

Cloudsoft Note:

Cloudsoft congratulates the Apache Brooklyn community for the new 0.10.0 release of the project.

Apache Brooklyn is used as the foundation AMP builds on and the latest AMP 4.3.0 release already packs all the changes from the Apache Brooklyn 0.10.0 release.

The latest AMP release can be downloaded from http://cloudsoft.io/getamp/