AMP Release 4.6

Cloudsoft AMP 4.6 was released on June 13th with some new and improved features. In this post we will do a brief overview of them and why they are a great addition to AMP.

Azure Updates: Can now deploy Windows machines to Azure ARM

It is now possible to deploy Windows VMs to Azure ARM. This was previously possible on Azure Classic, and now the functionality has been ported to ARM.

AMP Networking: Azure support added

We are pleased to announce that AMP Networking has been extended to work on Azure. Currently supported clouds are: AWS, Azure and Openstack. Amp Networking allows a user to model security requirements simply and directly in blueprints allowing more fine grained control of the security of your applications.

Blueprint Composer UX Overhaul:

There has been a substantial overhaul to the Blueprint Composer. We have made it smoother and simpler to use. We have replaced the large drop down box with a smaller simpler palette. This palette has been made much more clever, and will now highlight suggested config, and also point out errors. 

Zip Upload Functionality

It is now possible to upload bundles to a running AMP. A bundle is a Zip or Jar file that contains a number of BOM files and other resources. The br CLI has been updated to make the process of uploading easy, simply use the command ‘br catalog add /path/to/folder’ and your folder will be zipped up and sent to AMP!

For more information, please see the documentation here.