Despatches: Integrating Cloudsoft AMP with RightScale

The Cloudsoft Application Management Platform (AMP) is a product which streamlines the deployment and ongoing management of applications. AMP orchestrates services, platforms, and infrastructures to ensure they directly meet the needs of applications, dynamically and in real time. This results in more reliable operations, improved service levels and greater agility for IT to respond to their business needs.

Cloudsoft provides agility and reliability throughout the application lifecycle, and provides users with the ability to build applications across any cloud, or across many clouds.

In addition to targeting clouds and other platforms directly, Cloudsoft has partnered successfully with Cloud Management Platform vendors such as InContinuum. In a similar vein Cloudsoft has recently integrated with RightScale.

It is a testament to Cloudsoft’s approach & engineering nous and the maturity of RightScale’s platform that this was achieved using a 60-day trial account, their publicly available Cloud Management APIdocumentation and one question clarifying API versions answered via RightScale’s slack channel. If only all our business development engineering spikes were this straightforward!

Your can download a trial version of Cloudsoft AMP free of charge here but please get in touch with us if you’d like early access to our RightScale integration.