451 Research on Cloudsoft

Extract: Not only DevOps: Cloudsoft targets business and operations roles with AMP V4

by William Fellows Research Vice President, 451 Research

Now at release V4, the key feature of Cloudsoft's core application management platform (AMP) product is the introduction of a user interface, ensuring that staff in business and operations roles can take advantage of its platform, in addition to DevOps teams. AMP is now well-defined, and the company has begun to call out specific modules and functions such as the container services and Cloudsoft Service Broker.

The 451 Take

The newly minted AMP V4 will enable Cloudsoft to target new audiences as it begins to scale its opportunity. What has been essentially a 'DevOps meets the cloud' play becomes 'business, operations and DevOps meet the cloud.'
Cloudsoft has always been a 'geeky' venture. AMP V4 puts all of the pieces together, and makes the firm's application management platform accessible to other teams and roles. This marks the transformation of Cloudsoft from a collection of somewhat inaccessible open source projects into a product company focused on delivering what customers want.

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