Cloudsoft AMP 4.8 Is Out Now

Cloudsoft AMP 4.8 is Out Now

We are pleased to announce that Cloudsoft AMP 4.8 is available to download for trial now from and the Azure Marketplace. You can get AMP 4.8 as a paid service with AWS locations ready to go from the AWS Marketplace.

For this release we have focussed on stability, and preparing the way for our next major release 5.0 which is due late 2017. Here are some of the highlights in AMP 4.8:

Kilt Diagram: Expansion

The Kilt diagram was added in AMP 4.7 and has proven popular among power users. The Kilt diagram makes it easy to see the many layers of tasks that make a process such as Start.  We've listened to requests to allow the diagram to be expanded to make it easier to use when there are lots of tasks. The following gif shows the new Kilt Diagram in action.


AMP UI: Notifications

The App inspector has an improved web notification UI. The web notifications are used to inform users about applications being deployed and undeployed. A new button is now available for users to enable/disable web notifications. The browser permission is now deferred until the user clicks on the enable button.

If the web notifications have been blocked, the button displays this status with a tooltip to explain what is going on and how to enable them again.

Apache Brooklyn CLI

We have added options for enabling verbose logging when using the Brooklyn CLI. Users can now set the global flags --verbose and --vverbose to increase the amount of output when running commands. This is useful as it allows a user to get much more detail about what the CLI is doing.

Early Access Features

The team has been busy with two big features which will be GA in 5.0. We have included these in AMP 4.8 as beta features for early feedback.

AMP Cluster

AMP Cluster is a scalability solution that is designed to increase the number of entities that can simultaneously be managed from thousands (using a single AMP node) to hundreds of thousands (with AMP Cluster). It does so by deploying a horizontally scalable worker pool of AMP nodes that can be interacted with via a stateless scalable Cluster API. The Cluster API provides a consistent front-end API tier for deployment and management across the elastic federated workers. An AMP Cluster itself can effortlessly be deployed and managed using the AMP Cluster blueprint.

AMP cluster was added as a beta feature to AMP in the 4.7.0 release. In 4.8.0 there have been a number of improvements ahead of GA next month.

Re-usable and re-skinnable UI

We have been improving our UI in two places. Firstly we are opening up our UI code so that customers can embed parts of the AMP UI in their own UI. Embedding parts of the AMP UI in a customer's UI will provide powerful extra functionality to the customers end users.

Secondly, we are making it easier for customers to skin the UI and customize it.The purpose of this is to make it easy for a customer to overlay their branding onto AMP and insert custom extensions. Various tweaks and improvements have gone into the UI code, to facilitate this process.

If you are interested in using either pieces of functionality and providing feedback before it goes GA, please contact us.

Want to Know More?

For more information please see Release Notes and Upgrade Guidance. Also don't forget AMP 4.8 is available to download for trial now from and the Azure Marketplace. You can get AMP as a paid service with AWS locations ready to go from the AWS Marketplace.