Cloudsoft AMP 4.7 - Available Now

On July 28th Cloudsoft released AMP 4.7, it contains a number of new and improved features along with bug fixes and stability improvements. In this post we are going to spotlight some of the interesting new features.

AMP 4.7 is available to download for trial now and will be coming to the AWS Marketplace soon.

Blueprint Composer: Drag and Drop

One of the many UI improvements in this release is the addition of drag and drop functionality to the blueprint composer. Now, you can drag entities directly from the palette and place them on the canvas. With this functionality you can also quickly re-arrange the structure of their application.

An example of this can be found below:

A three tier web app with configuration composed with new drag and drop functionality (see Tutorial)

AMP Cluster

We are proud to unveil AMP Cluster, a new feature with a focus on scalability. This feature is currently in beta.

AMP Cluster is a framework designed to enable the deployment and orchestration of a pool of AMP nodes from a single point of access. This allows the number of applications which can be simultaneously managed to scale horizontally by adding more AMP nodes.

Please note that, as this is a beta feature, there will likely be bugs and we are looking for feedback from the community of AMP users about this project.

For more information, please see the documentation here.

AMP Networking: GCE support added

We are pleased to announce that AMP Networking has been extended to work on Google Compute Engine. Currently supported clouds are now: AWS, Azure, GCE and Openstack. AMP Networking allows you to model security requirements simply and directly in blueprints allowing more fine grained control of the security of your applications on any supported cloud.

YAML Editor

There are various instances of the YAML editor in the AMP UI. You can find it in quick launch, or the YAML section of the Blueprint Composer. Various improvements have been made to this editor, including:

  • Ability to fold/hide sections of your YAML blueprint

  • Description of issues when hovering

  • Autocomplete on YAML structure, anchors and Brooklyn types

App Inspector: Kilt Diagram

One of the main features of AMP is the task structure. For a particular entity there can be many layers of tasks. For instance when you run the start task, that task will kick of provisioning, pre-start, start and post-start tasks. To make it simple to navigate these tasks, we have added a new Kilt diagram to the App Inspector. This diagram shows the layers of tasks in the hierarchy, and allows you to select a particular task to jump straight to that task’s information page. This makes browsing tasks much simpler.

Want to Know More?

For more information please see Release Notes and Upgrade Guidance. Also don't forget AMP 4.7 is available to download for trial now and will be coming to the AWS Marketplace soon.