Hyperledger Member Summit and more exciting Cloudsoft/Hyperledger news

Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) is quickly becoming one of the hottest endeavors in the blockchain world. Cloudsoft is proud to have joined the Hyperledger Project, and we will be attending the annual Member Summit for the first time this week in Brooklyn.

Given the growing relevance of the Hyperledger Project as a whole and our increased investment in it as a company, we have some exciting developments to share, and more approaching on the horizon.

In November, our CEO Duncan Johnston-Watt and I attended Defrag X in Denver and delivered a keynote address during which we performed a live demo of Cloudsoft’s first contribution to the Hyperledger Fabric codebase. This consists of a new-and-improved, interactive asset management demo that builds on an existing example from the codebase.

Rather than simply run through a script that transfers a single asset, our new demo application allows users to interact with the chaincode as one of three different asset owners “Charlie, Dave, and Edwina.” A list of owned assets can be retrieved for each owner, and the user can actually select which assets should be transferred to which other owners. For a closer look at the demo running, check out this video.

After Defrag X, we attended Blockchain for Wall Street in New York where we engaged in a number of interesting conversations with other Hyperledger users. As a result of this event, there are several organizations that appear to be good potential partnerships in the future.

As for our HLF blueprint itself, we will continue to make improvements and be sure to follow the developments of the HLF project to ensure that we continuously capture best practices.

Selections from the roadmap ahead:

  • Node failover / auto-scaling policies, similar to those found in our Clocker Kubernetes blueprint
  • Deployment to Kubernetes
  • Support for Fabric v1.0 (once it is released in 2017)
  • Multi-organization deployment into the same Fabric network

Regarding the final point above, it’s important to note that HLF is, by its very nature, a distributed system that comprises multiple organizations (potentially direct competitors) when utilized to its fullest potential. It does not and should not have a centralized controller / manager. At first glance, this may seem at odds with the nature of AMP, but it is not. In this real-world scenario, each organization could stand up one / many validating peer cluster(s) using their own AMP instance, all of which point to the same, cross-organizationally agreed upon root validating peer node (HLF plans to support a cluster of root nodes in the future, not just one) in order to create a large HLF network spanning multiple organizations, and the world.

To deploy your very own Hyperledger Fabric cluster on the infrastructure of your choice, head over to http://www.cloudsoft.io/gethlf/

Need to know more?

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