451 Webinar: Demystifying Docker Orchestration

Join Michael Coté (Research Director, Infrastructure Software, 451 Research) and Duncan Johnston-Watt (CEO & Founder, Cloudsoft Corporation) as they set out to demystify Docker orchestration.

First up Michael provides us with the 451 Research take on Docker – its disruptive impact and in particular its significance in the context of cloud. He will then focus in on orchestration and what this really means in the context of Docker – that is, what problems are being solved – before turning his attention to what are some of the systems/tools for doing this and what are some tips on getting started.

Next up Duncan introduces Clocker – The Docker Cloud Maker.

Clocker is an Apache licensed open source project designed to help you spin up and manage Docker clouds which then serve up containers rather than virtual machines on demand. Duncan will show how, under the covers and in a classic bootstrap manoeuvre, Apache Brooklyn orchestrates the deployment and management of a Docker cloud which then becomes a deployment target or location for other Brooklyn applications and services.

Video to follow

For more musings from Michael and Duncan check out @cote and @duncanjw