Cloudsoft AMP as seen on TV

As seen on TV. Please! With a title like this I am clearly showing my age!

Actually this is just a short post rounding up some recent coverage of Cloudsoft AMP.

First up is AMP’s guest appearance at MarkLogic World 2013 where Brooklyn was called out in Denis Sheahan’s session Amazon Web Services Really Lets You Scale Up And Down yesterday.

Originally Posted by Duncan Johnston-Watt:

Denis made the point that MarkLogic’s shared-nothing architecture lends itself to cloud deployment especially when coupled with up coming features in MarkLogic 7 that bring new levels of flexibility to the deployment of MarkLogic applications. Denis’ talk focused on Amazon Web Services but MarkLogic are keen to provide their end users with choice which is where Cloudsoft comes in.

The code used in this demo is freely available on Github where Cloudsoft has created a public repo. It is still early days as we stressed on Twitter yesterday.

Looking ahead the next step are to provide MarkLogic developers with a simple one click deploy similar to the work we’ve done to support Cloudera’s Certified Technology Program.

This will give MarkLogic developers their very own That was easy! button that rolls out a MarkLogic environment in the cloud of their choice – AWS, Google, RackSpace – or on prem if they prefer. Once we’ve stood this up we can start down the track understanding and implementing the cool new features in MarkLogic 7 to enable elasticity – hooking into MarkLogic’s performance monitoring, orchestration, dynamic rebalancing and ultimately partitioning APIs.

Next up is a new Cloudsoft AMP Briefing Note from Rishidot Research. If you register as a subscriber you get access to download copies of a range of Rishidot Research including this briefing note.

Krishnan Subramanian unpacks Paas into three distinct categories – Hosted PaaS; Hybrid/Private PaaS with infrastructure abstraction; and Hybrid/Private PaaS with tight control over the infrastructure which he calls out as the DevOps model.

AMP is firmly in the DevOps camp and Krish concludes by saying:

In an increasingly continuous spectrum of platform services with Hosted “NoOps” PaaS on one end and infrastructure services on the other end, DevOps is fast gaining momentum empowering enterprise IT to offer the level of abstraction their developers and business users need while also keeping the control over their IT environment. Autonomic management platforms like Cloudsoft not only empowers IT to help their developers but it also drastically cuts the operational costs by removing as manyhuman touch points as possible. Such platforms are critical as we move into a world where enterprises build intelligent services around big data.

In the enterprise context using cloud without losing control is critical and not something you can bolt on as an after thought. Likewise, when zeroing in on big data use cases, control is essential along with the ability to simplify deployment and management so that this doesn’t stand in the way of progress!

Finally there is a new 451 Research Market Insight Service Impact Report by William Fellows covering Cloudsoft.